Who we are
Activa S.r.l. is an International Brokerage and Agency Company, specialized in raw materials for the food and chemical industry, both for import and export.

What makes the difference: experience is quality
Activa has a long familiar tradition of Brokerage Agency and has been present in foreign markets for more than 50 years. Thanks to the experience and to the deep knowledge of the international markets' products, Activa satisfies the needs of Italian and European Companies looking for goods from all over the world, as well as the needs of foreign Companies wishing to buy Italian products (Buying Agents). We are strong of an asset of foreign and national producers we have been selecting for many years and with whom we have close commercial relationships, some for more than thirty years. This asset includes reliable Italian and European Customers selected in many years of work and experience

Activa has been founded in 1984, but with roots that go deeper in the time when Mr. Aldo Queirazza, father of the three actual Directors, began his job of agent just after the end of the second world war. Massimo, Furio and Fabio Queirazza, had the fortune to avail themselves of his experience and of his example of honest man and tireless worker, till the last days of his life.

Each of the three Queirazza brothers, managers of the Activa Company, is responsible of precise sectors of products and is supported by a team of collaborators of proven experience and professionalism.

In the van of service
Nowadays Activa is a modern company, dynamic and international, engaged in offering the best possible service to his Customers, in terms of absolute reliability of Sellers'/Buyers' asset, quality of traded goods, competence and precision for the execution of each contract.

We hope therefore to have the pleasure of cooperating with you soon!